iconic wadsworth est 1814

I am passionate about public art and have spent considerable time researching Wadsworth and love the stories associated with the city. Overall, it is our goal to offer a total client experience and to do so in such a way that makes Main Street Wadsworth truly memorable for all of its visitors while sharing key elements of the history of the City of Wadsworth.

Please feel free to share this page to promote and encourage people to connect with this collaborative mural project.

- Ben Schuh, Artist and Muralist


Iconic Wadsworth &Ohio Blue Tip Matches

   It doesn’t get much more iconic than the Ohio Blue Tip Matches. Let’s continue to spark conversation about this historical product that has had an ongoing impact on the city. Blue Tip Matches have been an icon for multiple generations. Note inspiration/resemblance of “Iconic Wadsworth Est 1814” to the matchbox packaging from years ago.