Our story

     Ben is a professional artist living and working in the Des Moines Metro. His large scale studio is located in Polk City and he maintains another studio at Mainframe Studios in downtown Des Moines.

     Since graduating from Grand View University Ben has traveled the world looking for inspiration and promoting his paintings. He has exhibited in a number of national arts festivals in states such as Colorado, Michigan, Arizona, and Texas as well as the Midwest. His collectors display paintings across the USA as well as in Canada and Europe.


      Since his first mural for the Iowa State Fair Ben has pushed his career and executed murals for cities, neighborhoods, and private collectors. Top highlights include: Highland Park/Oak Park, Beaverdale, Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, Drake Univ., Mercy Medical Center, Eagle View Lofts, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Stivers Ford, Clarion, Main St Wadsworth (OH), and Exile Brewing Co. His high profile #CheersFromDesMoines mural for Exile Brewing has garnered international attention and been featured on national television.   

     Ben is a firm believer that the focus of his work needs to be quality over quantity and he achieves this by pouring his heart into his work.

Ben Schuh
Artist and Muralist

Ben is a dedicated artist whose goal is to work with his clients and collectors while challenging himself to excel and reach new heights. #CheersFromDesMoines

In addition to his solo career Ben often collaborates with other artists and owns Plum Forward Corp, an artistic services business in the Des Moines metro.

Morgan Schuh
Executive Sales

Since 2010 Morgan has been on the  scene supporting Ben's career and promoting his work around the world.