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Mainframe Studios

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Ben Schuh

PO Box 409

Polk City, IA 50226

Photo: John Sepanic


Can I order a custom painting?

Absolutely! So long as you aren't asking Ben to copy someone else's work or change his process he is always up to the challenge and ships custom work worldwide.

Are live paintings an option for events?

Yes! In order to secure Ben's time drop him a line with budget, timeline, and general details and he'll provide options.

How long will it take to get my painting?

Local delivery in the Des Moines metro is usually fast unless it's on display somewhere or a custom painting. Displayed works will be delivered or shipped within 45 days of purchase to allow for alternate work to be installed in it's place. Custom paintings are typically delivered 4-6 weeks after approval.

Where have I seen Ben's work?

Ben has exhibited in the Des Moines Arts Festival six times as well as countless other festivals throughout the midwest. In addition, his murals are highlighted throughout the Des Moines metro and can be found throughout the country. If you think you recognize his work that's likely the case.

How can we order a mural?

Send Ben an email or call him at 515.491.4909 to discuss options. If you have a wall and it's ready to paint Ben can provide recommended solutions.

Did Ben study art?

Yes! Ben has degrees in visual art and graphic design from Grand View University in Des Moines, IA.