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​an introspective

In today’s world, it seems like mental health is all too often overlooked. But does it have to be? Some insurance companies don’t cover mental health, but they sure cover profits. Something to think about next time you look at someone and think they’re crazy or wonder what’s wrong with them. Whatever happened to giving people the benefit of the doubt?


This show was designed to allow me to journal and paint simultaneously. In turn, these works transition negatives into positives, while also embracing some inspiration. It touches on things like voting, women’s health, social justice, and more. In a sense, I was able to rid my mind of stress and frustration while pushing my thoughts to the surface. Each painting is me embracing the theme of relaxing to Let Loose. Now to put this positive energy to use as I strive to find ways to share it with the community.

Paintings are on loose canvas, available for acquisition, and shipping worldwide. To learn more email Ben.

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